Mark Gentry Partners

Team Building Acquisition through Data-Driven Marketing Campaigns

My name is Mark Gentry. I have an established presence as a senior consultant for start ups in silicon valley and am often used as a secret weapon for companies like GreyLock and Google Venture. I have experience in many different levels of start up development including Angel backed start ups to B and C round start ups. My specialty, though, is helping startups find core people for their teams, specifically through recruiting. My experience has led me to develop a new model in this area of start up team development, as I've noticed that there is a gap in the logic of talent recruiting. The traditional “post and wait” model is not effective anymore. I have found that the data driven marketing user acquisition model, used by top companies such as Air Bnb and Uber, is more effective in the hiring process than traditional recruiting. Our marketing model is as versatile as it is effective - it works with both beginning start ups with Angel or A rounds requiring 1-5 key hires, or we can work with more mature companies with established recruiting processes. Our model is especially effective with the hiring of woman and minorities, as our technique for establishing diversity surpasses the limitations of normal recruiting practices. For a company hoping to scale with the climate of a fast-moving market, the data driven user acquisition model used by Mark Gentry Partners is the best course of action.